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Welcome to The Inspiration and Encouragement Network

The Inspiration and Encouragement Network’s mission is very simple. To find a way to help others discover, develop, master and share the natural abilities that lie within each of us. We believe that everyone has the ability to do great things. However, when it comes to developing and mastering those “hidden” talents, not all of us are as strong as others, While some discover their abilities and set out to conquer to world, others never quite “dare” to act on their inhibitions and therefor never truly discover their own “hidden” abilities.

Master Wood Sculptor, Carver and Teacher

The I&E Network is here to inspire and encourage anyone that has the desire to act on these urges. When you do, you will gain tremendous satisfaction and maybe even change your entire outlook on life. We have seen this happen so many times. The first thing most of us need help with is discovering what our natural skills are. The second step is developing and mastering these uncovered skills. Perfection is only achieved through practice. No – you don’t need to be an artist to do this!

But….What makes the I&E Network truly unique is our member’s desire to SHARE. It is one thing to develop and master your own abilities and talents, but it takes someone truly special to want to share those experiences with others. While most of the world is keeping secrets and hiding what they discover, we are sharing experiences, talents, advice, ideas, thoughts and more to help everyone achieve success.Al Hone and Sons

It is our belief, that working together as a network, we can all reach higher levels of success than those who choose to do it alone.

An entire network of artisans working together to help each other succeed. The inspiration and encouragement network has been developed to do just that – Inspire and Encourage all types of artists by providing a place where they can share and showcase their talents.

What is Included with My Membership?

Webcast Archives1. Webcast Archives

If you missed any of Dr. Lew’s weekly webcasts, here’s where you can catch up. The entire 52 lessons of the business trading game will be available for you to view once inside the membership area. All of the webcast will play in flash player, a high speed internet connection is highly recommended.

Dvd Training2. Video Training

As and I & E Member, you will have access to many training videos, old and new. We have found video training to be the next-best-thing to our hands-on training classes. Popular subjects include gunstock engraving techniques, knife and metal engraving, jewelry engraving, wine bottle micro sandblasting, furniture engraving and carving, relief carving and much more. A high speed internet connection is recommended to view the training videos.

Save on Purchases3. Discounts on all supplies from Profitable Hobbies (Yearly Members Only)

Save BIG on all your engraving, sandblasting and airbrushing supplies and training materials. You will receive a discount on all supply purchases as long as you are an active yearly member of the Inspiration and Encouragement network.  It is very possible to save more than the membership dues, on your first supply order alone!

Your own Website4. Web Strategy Program

Having your own Web Site is a great way to get noticed and attract potential buyers. We now have the ability to show our work to the entire world, easier and less expensive than ever before. The problem is that most web sites never get noticed because they are buried under millions of other web sites. As a partner of The I&E Network and Profitable Hobbies, Taking Aim Marketing has developed a Web Strategy Program that will allow anyone to add anything to their own website. This will help you gain exposure for your artwork and allow you to create credibility for yourself in your market.  Most of our top artists have used this same program to help promote their artwork on the internet including Darwin Dower, Joe Cummings, Ken Brown, Tammy Seevers, Jose Valencia, Al Hone and many more.

To get more information on setting up a Website that will work for you – Visit Taking Aim Marketing.com and ask for the I&E Member Special.

Websites that Work for Business by Taking Aim Marketing